By Gram Ponante - Tue Apr 7 2009

I had just finished watching Bong Load Girls when I talked with its director/star, Rob Rotten.

"I love you, man," I said.

"I pitched it to everyone who'd return my call," Rotten said. "And they all said it would suck. Because of this, it is a spiteful movie."

Rotten financed the film himself and made it in just under three years. For that reason it could be called Bloodshot Eyes Wide Shut. It is available now on VOD and you can order the special DVD on, you guessed it, 4/20.

I always thought "420" was some city's police code for marijuana. It is not.


According to Steven Hager, editor of High Times, the term 420 originated at San Rafael High School, in 1971, among a group of about a dozen pot-smoking wiseacres who called themselves the Waldos, who are now pushing 50. The term was shorthand for the time of day the group would meet, at the campus statue of Louis Pasteur, to smoke pot. Intent on developing their own discreet language, they made 420 code for a time to get high, and its use spread among members of an entire generation.

Rotten started filming the movie in 2006 around the northern California towns of Petaluma and Novato, but had to stop. "I was way in the red on this one," he said, not referring to his eyes. "I stopped in the middle and gave up. "I had nightmares about it," he said. "I thought The Langoliers were chasing me." (He might have just been high.)

But he soon realized that there needed to be a millennial stoner answer to all the coke-fueled porn of the 70s and 80s and, his attitude thus adjusted, took his time.

Bong Load Girls is, like every stoner you know, all over the place but accessible. First there's a scene with Ruby Knox frolicking in the high grass (see? grass), then there's a scene with Jeannie Marie Sullivan swallowing Tony Tedeschi's bongwater ("It was an evil moment," Rotten said), and then Scarlett Pain gets stoned and masturbates herself to exhaustion, to the exclusion of Rotten, who tries to wake her up. It was like someone had smuggled a camera into my prom.

So was there a lot of smoke floating around the set?

"All of the performers were cool," Rotten said, "but I had to take most of the stills myself because the photographer wanted to wear a gas mask."

By comparison with everyone else in the movie, Jamie Elle looks like the Narc. But she receives her comeuppance from neighborhood dirtbag Johnny Thrust who is wearing a Rasta wig. I feel Thrust should win an award for this performance. Maybe the Congressional Medal of Freedom.

Since Rotten paid for this movie himself (he's a union electrician by day, a member of IBEW Local 06 San Francisco, and thus, he says, "one of the only pornographers with a real job"), he will reap the rewards every time viewers download the movie, minus a handling fee.

Does that make the three years worth it?

"The good thing about being the boss on this one is that I don't have to convince somebody that there shouldn't be 50 cocks on the boxcover," he said.

UPDATE: Rotten just got the DVD artwork back and was disheartened to be informed that there is a spelling error. "It says 'Staring Ruby Knox' instead of Starring," he said. "I shouldn't let stoners proof my shit."

I think Rotten might be able to capitalize on the bloodshot angle, though, and pothead porn fans will debate for hours what the Staring means. "Does that mean she's staring at me?" one might say, and start crying about how his foster dad never loved him, and then fall asleep and piss himself.

By:Gene Ross

Be warned. The secondary smoke coming out of your TV screen may get you higher than Paul Thomas in the Deeper Throat reality series from Showtime.

That’s because Rob Rotten, himself no stranger to the high, has produced and directed a movie titled Bong Load Girls which is scheduled to come out 4/20. What a coincidence.

And with a project titled like Bong Load Girls, it only seems fair to be-knight Rotten as the Joe Francis of cannabis. Besides that, Rotten has put his money where his mouth is and funded this shoot through his company Punx Productions. Which probably explains how he got away with a few things.

Some of what you see is arguably derivative, yes, but Rotten adds touches and sandpapers the edges to put his unique stamp to where it almost becomes a Monty Python meets Frank Zappa adult movie with plenty of hemp-assisted visuals. Rotten has obviously gone astral on mere ingenuity.

In his introduction, Rotten also borrows straight out of the Rodriguez/Tarantino Grindhouse project with some 16mm gimmickry. With a viewer advisory, Rotten preaches about how drugs are bad and how he doesn’t condone them.

“These are actors and professionals working in a controlled and safe environment,” continues Rotten while the viewer’s practically choking on a bong load of irony before things even get under way.

From here, the movie becomes peculiarly reminiscent and evocative of all those wonderfully silly, psychotic, acid head trip flicks of the late Sixties and early Seventies. So you might want to thank both Rotten and Timothy Leary for the fact that he strays somewhat from the porn norm. It’s a welcome respite.

And you’ll see exactly what that means when Rotten puts his spin on an opening masturbation sequence featuring Ruby Knox. My first impression was, “holy shit, this looks like something I saw in the movies last week,” but I wouldn’t insult Rotten by comparing it to that Nicholas Cage piece of crap called Knowing.

Knox is seen walking in a field of clover. There are railroad tracks. And we all know that porn chicks walking along said tracks are being symbolically wayward and escaping a miserable home life. At least that’s what Orson Welles told me one time over cigars and brandy.

In this impressive shot sequence which also incorporates some Andrew Blake stylization, there’s also an abandoned caboose [a cinematic reference to anal?], and an abandoned truck. Obviously the theme is abandonment. Then throw in a couple of lonely Chevys, lakes, homes, a shack with a lock on the door and Knox checking out the Golden Gate Bridge which isn’t abandoned because there’s a helicopter over head.

With Knox lighting up a statement making cigarette, this is far from your ordinary female jacking off visual especially when Knox continues her walk through some famous Haight Hippie landmarks with some pretty talented graffiti renderings on view.

I also got a feeling either Rotten or Tony Tedeschi saw True Romance because Tedeschi is doing Brad Pitt’s stoner character. Tedeschi’s lungs are practically consuming a gallon of bong water about the time when Jeanie Marie, with auburn locks, walks into the room. Tony’s first thought, if he’s capable of one, is that Jeanie’s the pizza girl, but he would be wrong.

She’s looking for someone to get high with and sex becomes part of the high. Before she’s locked into a devil’s side saddle, Jeanie embraces the essence of balls much like what that Sara chick is ranting about in the Deep Throat reality show.

Note: Rotten’s sense of pacing throughout is very much like Seventies porn. Positions change briskly, are aggressive and scenes don’t become efforts to hypnotize viewers into attempts at suicide. The punch line of this scene is that Shane Sawitz is the pizza man and Tedeschi warns him about stepping in the splooge.

Kat’s next calling the marijuana hotline to place her order. A lava lamp seems to be playing with her head as Rotten shows up with what appears to be a weed home remedy kit [not to cure it, but employ it]. Rob, an art gallery in his own right when it comes to tats, partakes of some labia, rams Kat in a jackknife, then flips her into some doggie.

The very pretty Jaime Elle next wonders if it’s the creepy neighbor from next door [Johnny Thrust], who’s paying a call. Thrust must have borrowed his dreads from Gary Oldman [also from True Romance], insisting he’s a Ganja man. Jaime’s not necessarily buying the story, but the matter becomes mute when she spreads her lovely legs for some Rastaman vibration then takes it between her titties.

Scarlett Pain with a sleeve tattoo along with guns, garlands, hearts and other body art is hoping that Rotten would come over. Though Pain is tattooed for bear, she reconciles herself to the fact that she’ll do the sex job herself. But Scarlett smokes herself silly and takes a trip to Jupiter with a bong dildo while she trips out over a vision of Kaylee Lovecox and Daisy Tanks rimming, salad tossing, having dildo sex and otherwise testing the elasticity of each other’s pudenda. They’re smoking, everyone’s smoking.

It’s a smoked out lesbo fest with Rotten finishing the hetero portion of the job when Pain, still blasted, shakes somewhat out of her reverie.

By Steve Javors - Apr 2, 2009

SAN FRANCISCO — Punk-porn innovator Rob Rotten takes a stab at capturing elements of the counterculture stoner movement with the release of “Bong Load Girls.”

Described as a THC-infused head-trip, the movie streets on what is widely referred to as the international stoner’s holiday of April 20, or 420.

Fully financed by Rotten’s Punx Productions label, “Bong Load Girls” is being distributed on DVD by JM Productions who took the movie after many companies, because of the risky subject matter, turned down Rotten.

“Everyone said ‘Rob, this is the worst idea you’ve ever had, you’re an idiot,’” Rotten told XBIZ. “And I was so pissed off because I felt so strongly about this. I said ‘Fuck you guys, I’m doing this on my own.’ I kind of made it out of spite. But, this freedom allowed me the make the movie I had envisioned all along.”

Calling it the most bizarre movie he’s ever done is quite a statement coming from the creator of the “Texas Vibrator Massacre,” “Scurvy Girls” and “Porn of the Dead.” Rotten shot the movie in northern California’s Bay Area and in Los Angeles.

“I usually have no lack of words to describe my movies, but this one is by far the toughest,” Rotten said. “Simply, it’s a five-scene vignette with stoner chicks in stoner situations. I went overboard and it’s reminiscent of late ’60s LSD head-trip movies. There’s a lot of stoner humor, subliminal messages, psychedelic visuals, editing — there’s nothing else like it.”

“Bong Load Girls” stars Jamie Elle, Jeannie Marie Sullivan, Scarlett Pain, Kat, Daisy Tanks, Kaylee Lovecox and Ruby Knox.

The DVD comes with a second disc of music that was included in the movie along with original tracks, leaning towards a jam-band, rock-style sound.

Rotten’s movie comes at an interesting time as the line gets blurred between adult retailers and head shops. Many adult retailers increasingly are carrying products that were the domain of head shops like bongs, pipes, rolling papers and various smoking accessories.

“People asked me ‘Rob, is this your love letter to Timothy Leary, or to Mary Jane,’” Rotten said. “It’s tough to answer because it’s a little bit of both.”

“Bong Load Girls” is available now for pre-order on DVD through JM Productions and’s video-on-demand platform.

For wholesale ordering, call (800) 550-3659.

By Gram Ponante - Tue Mar 31 2009

Not into stoner humor, stoner coughing, stoner politics, stoner carpets, stoner music, or even John Denver? No matter. The squarest among you will coax a "Load" of your own when encountering the delicious Scarlett Pain.

Rob Rotten's years-in-the-making, self-financed homage to Humboldt County's Greatest Natural Resource is pungent with girls that are just as into pot culture as he is. "Bong Load Girls" plays like a mix tape jammed in your dealer's Pinto, except with, you know, pictures.

We meet back-to-nature masturbating girls, girls you can eat pizza with, girls that do themselves with dildos that double as bongs, and trippy girls that can't say no to Trustafarians. Rotten's movie was filmed over three years ("Is that Gia Paloma?") and is as silly and disjointed as any pothead's ramblings - but in the same way it also makes complete sense.

For the person who will fast forward through the dancing pot leaf imagery and cut right to the sex, take heart: Rotten might have required that all the female performers be 420-friendly, but you don't have to be stoned to appreciate them.

Speaking of 420, the DVD is available on that date but the VOD is ready now.

By Von admin (Pornoblog) | 10.April 2009

Darsteller und Regisseur Rob Rotten sorgt derzeit in den Staaten mal wieder für Furore. Anlass dazu ist der erste Teil seiner neuen Serie „Bong Load Girls“ und ein Blick auf das Cover verdeutlicht wohl auch warum.

Nachdem Rotten zuletzt mit seiner Produktion „Texas Vibrator Massacre“ Fans wie Kritiker gleichermaßen begeisterte, kam ihm die Idee zu „Bong Load Girls“. Allerdings stieß er schon bei der Vorstellung der Produktion bei den amerikanischen Vertriebsfirmen auf breite Ablehnung. Das Thema der Produktion schien vielen doch zu heikel und nicht weniger bezeichneten Rob Rotten als Idiot und Wahnsinnigen diese Idee umsetzen zu wollen, wie er uns mitteilte.

Da sich jedoch Rob Rotten in seiner nunmehr neunjährigen Karriere im Adult-Biz noch nie hat unterkriegen lassen, finanzierte er die Produktion kurzerhand über seine eigene Firma Punx Productions. Damit hatte ich wenigstens die komplette Kontrolle und konnte den Film so machen wie ich ihn wollte, erläuterte Rotten weiter.

Mit JM Productions fand Rotten vor kurzem auch einen Vertrieb, der sich bereit erklärte die DVD zu vertreiben. Offizieller Veröffentlichungstermin ist der 20. April, wobei der Film in den USA schon bei allen großen VOD-Anbieter gesehen werden kann.

Die DVD beinhaltet auch wieder eine zweite Disc, auf der die Musiktracks aus dem Film nochmal einzeln und in voller Länge zu hören sind.

Wie Rotten uns weiterhin erzählte, kann er den Inhalt seiner abgedrehten Filme meist nur schwer selbst beschreiben, aber bei „Bong Load Girls“ sei dies erst recht hart. „Einfach zusammen gefasst kann man sagen, dass es sich um fünf Episoden handelt, die bekiffte Girls in entsprechenden Situationen zeigen. Ich habe natürlich maßlos dabei übertrieben und es erinnert sehr an die LSD beeinflussten Filme aus den 60er-Jahren. Es gibt sehr viel Humor, der in die Richtung geht, unterschwellige Botschaften, psychedelische Bilder und Schnitte – man könnte auch sagen, es gibt nichts vergleichbares.“

„Bong Load Girls“ sind Jamie Elle, Jeannie Marie Sullivan, Scarlett Pain, Kat, Daisy Tanks, Kaylee Lovecox und Ruby Knox zu sehen.

Wie Rob Rotten als auch alle Kritiker bis dato übereinstimmend sagten, wird in dem Film der Konsum von Drogen weder unterstützt noch verurteilt. Zudem gibt es im Film vorab auch noch ein diesbezügliches Statement von Rotten zu sehen. Worin sich bis dato alle einig sind, ist die Qualität der Sexszenen, die einmalig und alles andere als entspannend sein sollen. Allen voran die Solo-Szene von Ruby Knox als auch die Szene mit Kat und Jamie Ellie.

Bong Load Girls Get Buzz
Posted on By David Sullivan - 03/31/2009

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Performer/director Rob Rotten is generating buzz with Bong Load Girls, a self-produced stoner porn epic releasing this month through JM Productions.

Bong Load Girls stars glaucoma victims Ruby Knox, Jeanie Marie, Kat, Jamie Elle, Kaylee Lovecox and Daisy Tanks in a series of THC-enhanced hardcore vignettes. Psychedelic visuals, music and humor surround the sex.

"The catering budget for Bong Load Girls was huge," Rotten told AVN. "I'm really proud of this movie."

Highlights include a spacey solo masturbation sequence with Ruby Knox, Rotten ravaging Kat's sphincter in exchange for a hash-oil delivery, and Johnny Thrust as a nerd who dresses in Rasta drag to con dope-addled Jamie Elle into a couch-fuck.

While studies show that pot can make the chronic user lazy, slow and stupid, Bong Load Girls proves you can fix those problems in post-production. An opening disclaimer features Rotten preaching a just-say-no message in the style of an old "white-coater" exploitation flick.

"We were not all there while we were making it, but the movie came together quite well in post," Rotten said. "After we finished shooting a scene with Jeanie Marie and Tony Tedeschi, we realized we forgot to shoot Jeanie walking through the door."

Tedeschi is perfectly typecast as a pothead waiting for the perpetual pizza delivery in the movie's most conspicuously stoned performance.

"When I called Tony his girlfriend answered," Rotten said. "I told her I wanted to hire Tony to smoke a lot of weed during a boy/girl scene. She busted out laughing and said, Is this a joke? This is Tony's dream job!"

Rotten has received high marks for his achievement. Fleshbot, Gamelink and other sites are raving about the movie.

"Rob is one of the few porn directors who really cares about his movies," said JM Productions publicist Tony Malice. "He put a lot of work into this, and he deserves credit for that."

Bong Load Girls is available for download in advance of its calculated 4/20 street date. Visit and for more info.

JM Productions' DVD release will include a soundtrack CD with bonus tracks not heard in the video. Pre-order now at

Posted on Gamelink March 18th, 2009 by P. Weasels

I don’t smoke pot and never have. I don’t even know how to smoke pot, but if I wanted to learn, I could get a good start by watching Bong Load Girls, new from Rob Rotten and Punx Productions (which does not condone or advocate drug use). However, if I were going to do that, I would have to pay more attention to the pot-smoking and less to the Bong Load Girls themselves, and I am really not ready to do that.

Not smoking pot has put me in a lifestyle that does not include a lot of girls who look like Jeanie Marie Sullivan, with her scarlet hair and her pouty, bleary demeanor, which is a shame because I do dearly love a girl with crazy-colored hair and a penchant for blowjobs.


If I were a master of pot lore and a stoner extraordinaire, I would have access to girls like Jamie Elle, who would not even go close to the weird no-pot-smoking guy next door until he put on a Rasta hat with fake dreads and smooth-talked his way into her pants.


And I would be able to come home to a girl like Scarlett Pain, who spends her day smoking dope and masturbating to fantasies of even more Bong Load Girls having lesbian sex and using her bong as a dildo but still has time to give a nice welcoming blowjob to the man of the house after a long day.


Oh, for my misspent youth.

Review By : P. Weasels -

When I was a young man, events in my life put me on a course that didn’t include drinking or smoking or taking any drugs, and in general I feel like that has worked out for me. My main function at gatherings where people were taking drugs was to be the guy who could tell you that the word bong might be derived from the Thai “baung”, or cylindrical pipe, but was more likely a descendant of “bhang”, from the Sanskrit “bhanga”, which was a preparation from the leaves and seed capsules of the cannabis plant, smoked, chewed, eaten, or infused and drunk to obtain mild euphoria. Now, though, after watching Bong Load Girls, I kind of wish I had said yes to that girl Emily when she asked me if I wanted to smoke some pot after astronomy class in my first year of college. Judging from what happens in Bong Load Girls after you smoke some pot, I missed a sure bet.

Fast, loose and totally under control, everything in Bong Load Girls is great in one way or another, starting with the opening scene, an eight-minute montage with a slow, sensuous Ruby Knox solo masturbation intercut with dreamy images of San Francisco and Marin County and scored with one of those long, repetitive, surreal pieces of music that you find in movies when someone is undergoing a transformative experience; Rob Rotten mixes iconic shots like the Golden Gate Bridge and a Haight/Ashbury sign with lesser-known cannabis-friendly Bay Area locales like Novato and the Marin headlands, tosses in nods to Eureka and Bob Marley, and then proceeds to go nuts with in-jokes for the rest of the movie. If you’re a fan of pot humor, you’ll find a lot to laugh about. I spent a lot of time laughing even though I am sure I missed ninety percent of the jokes. Maybe more.

Rob starts off with a personal message, warning you that Punx Productions neither condones nor advises the use of illegal drugs, slyly intercut with some subliminal messaging, and then bids you sit back with your munchies in reach (I recommend Ritz Crackers ‘n’ Cheez, Nutter Butter cookies, sunflower seeds and a tub of peanut butter cups from Trader Joe’s.) My advice to you is to watch every frame of Bong Load Girls, even if you have to do it scene by scene. If your attention wanders, turn it off and come back later when you can concentrate.

Ruby Knox’s masturbation scene is epic – with it, Bong Load Girls becomes the first porn movie that has ever reminded me of Apocalypse Now. Even if you’re not going to watch it for the naked Ruby Knox, you have to pay attention to it for the weird, dreamy trip through the North Bay – I suspect if you know Rob Rotten, it’ll have some extra significance to you, at the very least as an informal guide to places where Rob has had a lot of fun. Regardless, Ruby gets herself off while sitting on a stool in what looks like someone’s workshop, but the whole thing comes perilously close to being art. Jeanie Marie and Tony Tedeschi (I recognize that he is riffing on a bunch of jokes from Half-Baked, and that pretty much exhausts my knowledge of the drug humor) turn in a scene in which new neighbor, Jeanie, smells some pot, comes over to find out if there’s anybody to smoke with, and ends up staying for some frantic sex. Jeanie looks deliciously slutty with tarted-up hair and a stoned grin, and she and Tony bang out a no-frills fuck in short order. Tiny little Kat – by her braces you will know her - orders some hash oil from the friendly local Dr. Feelgood, but when deliveryman Rob, playing it straight, shows up and won’t take pot in exchange, she has to put out – surprise! – to pay the tab. The excellent blowjob might be enough for most men, but this is hash oil and Rob is a pro – he exacts fair value for his three ounces, fucking her in the ass for good measure.

Jamie Elle, another cute little girl with long blonde hair, has been avoiding the dorky guy from next door who is trying to get in her pants, but when a funky Rasta stud shows up, she’s willing to open up those legs pretty quick; the two of them put her couch through its paces in a few different positions before he unloads on her tits and collapses and his Rasta hat and fake dreads fall off and Jamie figures out that she’s been had. Scarlett Pain is a heavily tattooed girl – not into Rotten’s league yet, but she’s got some promising triple-A numbers – who can’t wait for her man to get home, so she takes a few hits and heads off to dreamland, where she experiences a fine fantasy – while using her elaborately worked glass bong/dildo to get herself off – about Kaylee Lovecox and Daisy Tanks, who may be the genies of the bong or something, as they have a great girl/girl scene in which they use the very same glass pipe on each other; both halves of the scene are great, and it gets even better when Rob comes home and gets an extraordinarily good blowjob for an end-of-the-day relaxer.

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